The Salt Spray Test shall have a huge control of the salt solution because it can affects directly the corrosion test, increasing or decreasing the corrosiveness rate, making a distorcing result.

With 34 years on corrosion market knowledge Equilam’s recommend that the customer should prepare the solution before used Iin the chamber because, as the ASTM B117 says, the test pH limits should be between 6.5 and 7.2 and check solution absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) for a “long period exposure”. So, to hit pH range, the solution should be measured following the standards directions. That is why Equilam recommends our customers to provide fresh solution every 4 (four) days, if the test is running or if going to be realized, never storage the solution, because this increases CO2 absordbs. Check out our EQCORRO-SALT and for more information at